Academician KHLOT THYDA
             President of RAC


    Over the past ten years of operation led by Former President, H.E Dr. SORN Samnang,we at RAC have been faced with manay chllenges since te zero point of its creation. we have strived and are committed to achieving various outputs and successe, particularly in areas of culture, language, and training, and as a result we have brought RAC to anew strage of development. We are proud of our achievements on graduate education  and and research capacity building though we still have a long way to go.

    As the current President, I am delighted to welcome you to visit our RAC website of 2011. We are vesting in our current capacity and capability to tackle issues what we have been challenged with through our experiences and lessons learned in the past.

    Being the first leading comprehensive and most prestigious academiic and research institution in Cambodia, RAC has taken up the responsibility of promoting a high level of academic and development research, as well as postgraduate traning.RAC has set its objective for development of four majorfields: arts, social sciences and humanities, basic sciences, and applied sciences. To meet the demands of our national and social developments, we are also considering an expansion of our six present institute sinto more professionnal instutes or centers for training researchers and practitioners in various fields, given our available resources.More quality PhD programs will be organied and strengthened to upgrade research standards, and to meet pur countrys demands towards a knowledge society.

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